WPC vine material

WPC vine material

Traditional vine is carried out with wooden structures, but are particularly vulnerable to rain corrosion, maintenance costs are too high, so gradually the emergence of a WPC vine material. WPC is a kind of wood flour and plastic as the main material, adding special chemical additives, manufacturing made. WPC material can be recycled, it is a new type of environmentally friendly materials.

Performance WPC vine products

WPC vine material has a waterproof, moisture, weather, pest control, anti-termite, personalized color, plasticity, high ecological, high fire resistance and high processing performance, simple installation, no cracks, no distortion, energy-absorbing strong. Etc., the use of WPC vine material can reduce deforestation and reduce environmental pollution. So WPC material is a typical low-carbon, environmentally friendly products.

WPC vine Application

WPC vine material can be applied to various types of green space in general for casual viewing and use, it is part of the landscape architecture. Now more and more ordinary families began to build WPC vine material. Compared with the traditional wood pillar wood preservative post better proof anti pests performance and longer life. We do not just produce WPC vine material, there are other wood products, if you are interested to know more products can leave your contact information, we sales managers will contact you as soon as possible.